Outline – Workshops October 2013

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October 2013 – OUTLINE

Following the success of the inaugural series in August (read testimonials), we are pleased to offer in October 2013 the following one-day workshops in Christchurch, Dunedin and Oamaru, BASE CAMP & GET FUNDING



A workshop for budding entrepreneurs looking to launch a new venture or develop new revenue streams for an existing business. Includes how to leap from “business as usual” to high growth with open innovation, taking your business from ‘”local” to “global”

Christchurch – October 4th, 9th, 15th & 22th – REGISTER

Dunedin – October 7th & 17th –  REGISTER

Oamaru – October 5th, 11th & 14th  REGISTER

Workshops are one-day – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

BASE CAMP – OUTLINE October 2013

  • Everyone can come with an idea

  • Is yours an idea or a dream?  Differences between dreams, ideas, projects and businesses

  • 10 steps to create a new venture

  • Why good ideas don’t fly: Four presumptions against something new
  • Do you want to grow your existent small business? It is like starting a Big business.

  • Growth: the difference between starting a business and a start-up

  • How investors and banks look at new projects and start-ups

  • Incubators, Accelerators, Government and other sources of support

  • Avoiding failure in the first month / year

  • Doing the same will continue getting you the same (or worse) results

  • When core becomes context

  • To grow fast, you need to think as a start up

  • Resources needed to grow (fast)

  • Connection between growth and technology

  • Due diligence and funding

  • Culture and Organisation: who will lead the growth?

  • Leading practices and case studies

  • Are you ready?

 REGISTER HERE for Base Camp



How to successfully attract the right investors (angels, venture capital, equity) for every stage of your project, from idea and revenue generation to growth and exit. Due diligence for your venture from an investor’s point of view

Christchurch – October 10th & 16th – REGISTER

Dunedin – October 8th & 18th – REGISTER

Oamaru – October 12th – REGISTER

Workshops are one-day – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


  • Venture Capital (VC) and Angel Investment from inside

  • Sources of seed capital: how to reach them

  • Who actually are “Angels”?

  • FFF, crowdsourcing and bootstrapping

  • Family Office, VC, Private Equity, Banks, IPO

  • How Angels and VCs do Due Diligence?

  • What are investors actually thinking in front of your proposal?

  • Making sure your proposal speaks Investor’s language.

  • Characteristics -and myths, from a global (&NZ) perspective

  • What happens after funding?

  • There are more customers “out there”

  • Define your strategy, then chose the right technologies

  • Techniques to expand and internationalise your business

  • What’s right for you? Distribution? Direct / Indirect sales?

  • Before the Internet, people were also trading all over the world

  • Virtual businesses occur in different industries, not only IT: i.e. wine producers without vineyards

  • Due diligence defines your business’ DNA -that’s what you are selling to the world!

  • You just started, now it’s the right time to plan your exit strategy

  • Jobs creation, turnover, innovation and growth in young companies
  • Case studies

REGISTER HERE for Get Funding

More information about Business Success Workshops – Series 2 here or contact us

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