Erdödy Consultancy Ltd specialises and delivers value in the following areas:

New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Erdödy provides market research and marketing ideas for new projects. The firm develops  strategy and offers ongoing support for every stage of a venture –from concept development to profitable operation and sustainable growth. We specialise in Corporate Entrepreneurship -how to make companies more innovative and entrepreneurial

Market Development and International Business

Erdödy applies a proven methodology to develop new markets, enabling business in a global economy. The firm has native speakers and strong experience and networks in the US, Asia and South America, particularly in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina.

Technology and Research & Development

Are you planning to incorporate new technologies but need an independent opinion? Erdödy advises in plain English about new models and platforms. We are experts in innovation in Engineering, Science, Bio-economy and how High Technology will impact upon your business. Our work with your company can include application to grants and support (i.e. for R&D) from different New Zealand Government agencies.

Information and Communication Technologies

Is ICT a problem for your company? We have industry experience at all levels, from business analysis and negotiations with suppliers to Open Source Software, Multicore and Parallel Computing. We understand you, the technology and the technologists. Erdödy offers Strategic Capabilities and Project Management for different ICT initiatives, including e-Learning systems to train your team and customers.

Capital and Due Diligence

Erdödy advises and takes part in Angel and Venture Capital investments. Our clients and partners benefit from our exclusive network of investors in New Zealand and Australasia, as well as Silicon Valley, New York and the UK, to structure their deals with global scope.

Education and Community Development

With decades of experience in the education industry and being pioneers in e-learning implementation since the 1990s, Erdödy will help your organisation with Community Building -from a new customer base to a global ecosystem that will cover all your value chain while introducing a new technology, system or product. Contact us to discuss your vision and let’s build a strategy for your project

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