Every project is unique, as per your requirements.

Erdödy Consultancy Ltd adjusts its methodology to each case, through four stages

1) Initial consultancy. We do not charge per hour: we deliver value. On occassions you only need to discuss your ideas with an independent party, and then continue with your business. Why spend dollars on reports and analysis of partial data when you can have a vision of your current situation in days and even hours?

2) Potentials Study. Shows and quantifies potential at high level, including broad ranges of alternatives and market opportunities. Usually delivered in weeks, the Potential Studies is a tool that allows informed decisions about your future strategy.

3) Capability Report and Road Map for Change. Working with your data and sometimes within your business, we analyse the structure of a new environment. Then you can make a concrete decision, based on entrepreneurial strategies, not theory. Between one to three months, we build with you a solution for your organisation that takes advantage of all the investment already done during previous years, optimising resources and minimising expenses.

4) Implementation of the Alternative Model. Once you have the Road Map for Change, it requires support during the transition. Erdödy Consultancy Ltd can manage full implementation of the new model for your company, seamlessly integrating all the processes within your existing ones. Erdödy train staff, advise Boards and coach and mentor Entrepreneurs, Managers and C-level Executives while you continue doing business as usual.

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