Good morning

The new mini-site at is operational now. A very convenient way to have a web presence. I bought the domain months ago from Name Secure ( for USD 9 per year. It comes with a free one page mini site where you can post a good amount of information. I repeat, it costs USD 9 PER YEAR.

Then you use other tools which are completely free like this blog, plus twitter and facebook, so there is easier than ever to have an online presence.

How can we explain that these tools are so cheap / free?

The difference these days is not on how fancy is your site but what are you saying. If there is no substance in your web presence, your visitors / customers are gone in miliseconds. There are many fancy sites, but not all of them offer something unique that distinguishes them over the noise of the net.

Will see if this blog pass the test!

Best regards,

Nicolas Erdody