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Most established organisations find it hard to maintain the initial entrepreneurial spirit that helped them to make it through the start-up stage. As businesses grow, they usually become more structured and more rigid. Schaper and Volery (2004) mention that “managers from many organisations … have reported that although they are satisfied with their operating prowess, they are dissatisfied with their ability to implement change. ‘How do the excellent innovators do it?’ they ask, presuming that excellent innovators exist. ‘What drives the development of new promising opportunities?’. Others question how to expand an organisation beyond its core business. And most fundamental of all: ‘How do we find new ideas?’ The difficulties behind these questions arise from the inherent conflict between the need for organisations to control existing operations and the need to create the kind of environment that will permit new ideas to flourish, and old ones to die a timely death. Businesses have traditionally faced many difficulties in identifying opportunities and turn them into new product lines.”

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The Economic Impact and Benefits of Culture and Heritage in the Waitaki District (New Zealand)

On the 25th of June 2012, at the beautiful Oamaru Opera House Erdödy Consultancy Ltd will present its recently completed project “The Economic Impact and Benefits of Culture and Heritage for the Waitaki District”.

Commissioned by the Waitaki District Council, this potentials study presents original strategies and links the economic impact of the beautiful Cultural Heritage assets of the district with a proposed Economic Development Strategy based in a Weightless Economy in the region

Slides from the presentation Culture Heritage WDC 25.6.12