Global Corporate Entrepreneurship from Erdödy Consultancy

This new service pools together our experience in working with clients seeking to create a new venture, open new markets and foster innovation. Additionally we ensure that through coaching and training, leaders and staff who are normally excellent at managing incremental growth in known environments but who may struggle to adjust to an entrepreneurial high growth mentality, are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to flourish in this new environment.

Could something like this happened in your company? (credit)

Then you probably would need a unique mix of expertise in

– leadership, implementation and strategic execution
– start ups and new venture creation
– networking, relationship building and development
– close relationships with industry and academia
– innovation, change management, R&D
– distributed management and global process optimisation
– education, e-learning, training and human development
– open source development and open innovation
– science, technology and engineering
– venture capital, angel investment and due diligence
– international growth and market development
– technology and software development and management
– marketing, branding and knowledge management

But above all, you need to be able to discuss a quick and versatile approach at peer level, with total involvement.

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Trade Mission to Uruguay and Argentina

As part of Erdödy Consultancy’s strategy in Latin America, we are pleased to announce our inaugural Trade Mission to Uruguay and Argentina, from September 21 until October 14, 2010

We are delighted to present the companies and products that will be introducing in this trip.

Robotic Technologies from Dunedin has developed a Fully Automated Lamb Boning Room. The company is a joint venture between Scott Technologies and Silver Fern Farms. See a brief video

Based in Wellington, Re:Gen provides farmers with farm-specific information to support their decision whether to irrigate effluent or not on any given day, and if yes, at what rate.

With offices in Australia and NZ, Ectol is a plant stress bio protectant that improves crop yields and plant heat by increasing osmoprotectants and providing essential nutrients.

Harmonic has offices in Wellington and Auckland, and presents two solutions for Telecommunication operators: the Next-Generation Network (NGN) Planning (an end-to-end planning solution to the complex challenges of NGN migration and ongoing management) and the Lifecycle Management Solution (scalable asset management tool that delivers tangible business results)

Open Parallel is a software company specialised in parallel programming with tailored solutions to customer’s data or needs, independently of the size of the problem. In partnership with Intel, Open Parallel created TBB into HipHop, a solution for big PHP based websites. Open Parallel will be having an open presentation at the Universidad of Buenos Aires (UBA) on October 7, 2010.

Since 1983, de Geest from Oamaru, North Otago has supplied 7500+ prebuilt bathrooms to hotels, apartments and hospitals throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific

Waste Solutions from Dunedin already has presence in Argentina and is exploring the Uruguayan market for their Innovative Waste and Water Treatment Solutions

Skin Alive from Wanaka has developed a unique sunscreen for surfers, golfers and skiers. Recommended by golfer Michael Campbell (US Open winner) and surfer Maz Quinn the formula has been created for the extreme New Zealand conditions

Kurow Winery from the Waitaki Valley, North Otago is interested in Tannat from Uruguay.

Please contact us for more information about these companies and to arrange a meeting. All of them are keen to have a conference call in case that concrete interest exists.

Our local mobile number in Uruguay will be 098 04 05 10 From outside Uruguay is (+598) 98 04 05 10

New Zealand: the link between Latin America and China

New Zealand is ranked by the World Bank as

  • The best country in the world to Start a Business
  • The best country in the world in Protecting Investors
  • The second best (after Singapore) in Ease of Doing Business

Read the most recently available data from New Zealand here

Recognising the potential of New Zealand on being a link between China and Latin America, Erdödy Consultancy Ltd and I Grow New Zealand signed an agreement between the two companies to drive mutual business between Erdödy Consultancy and I Grow.


I Grow is a New Zealand based corporate finance advisory firm that specialises in the following areas:

  • Capital Raising for high growth businesses;
  • Identification and negotiation of strategic partnerships and licensing agreements;
  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory services;
  • Market Entry Strategies for the USA and China;
  • Public Private Innovation Strategies and Reviews.


I Grow and Erdödy Consultancy have worked together on various projects since 2005 and have started to recognise the potential value of integrating Erdödy Consultancy’s Latin American networks with I Grow’s Chinese networks.

Erdödy Consultancy and I Grow have identified a number of broad opportunities to work together on in relation to a China / Latin American alliance, specifically identifying:

  • Latin American companies that are interested in developing business relationships in China, covering trade or investment in China.
  • Businesses in South America that are looking for expansion capital or which are being sold that could be of interest to Chinese Investors.
  • Identifying Chinese based businesses looking to expand its trade or investment activities into Latin America.

Based on the work I Grow has done to date in China since 2008 we see specific opportunities in the following areas:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Forestry and Wood products
  • Mining Resources
  • Venture Capital Investors – We are working with a number of groups that are interested in high growth opportunities in the Chinese market, which could be a channel for international firms to establish themselves in that market.

Working Together

I Grow and Erdödy Consultancy will look to identify projects which can leverage the capabilities and networks of the other firm with a view to generating a long term business relationship involving trade and investment activity between China and Latin America.

Value Proposition

I Grow has a dedicated resource based in China that is more flexible and responsive than the larger firms, as well as being more price competitive. In terms of the Latin America / China link we believe that New Zealand offers some unique advantages to leveraging this relationship, including time zones but more importantly New Zealand’s position as the first developed country to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with China, and the position and status that provides for New Zealand Businesses and its partners.

Erdödy Consultancy in Latin America

With its strong strategic capabilities in new venture creation, due diligence and market R&D, Erdödy is the natural Business Enabler for your organisation in Latin America.

Not many firms in New Zealand can offer you bilingual native speakers, who are also bicultural and with sound real business expertise in both areas of the world, New Zealand and Latin America.

Sometimes it’s simply not good enough to speak “good Spanish”.

You do need to have full awareness of the particular culture of the market that you’re aiming to. Latin America is a huge region, with fantastic opportunities but massive differences.

To its bilingual and bicultural strengths, Erdödy adds a third key differentiator: Concrete experience having established and successfully operated businesses in both markets.

We have networks all over Latin America, and we are Experts in Uruguay and Mercosur countries.

Erdödy Consultancy is member of the Latin American New Zealand Business Council (LANZBC).

We are pleased to announce our next business trip to Uruguay and Argentina. We will be in the region between September and October 2010. Contact us for further information on how we can explore business opportunities together.