Angel Investor Network & Workshops in Oamaru, Timaru and Dunedin

The initial event held in Oamaru on April 8, 2013 attracted significant interest from general public and media.

We had about 25 people including our distinguished visitors -see below

In Oamaru for an Angel Association New Zealand networking event are (from left) AANZ executive director Suse Reynolds, Otago Angels Ltd network manager Murray Downes, AANZ member Nicolas Erdody, of Oamaru, Seed Co-Investment Fund investment director Chris Twiss and (seated) AANZ chairman Dr Ray Thomson. Photo by Sally Rae.

In Oamaru for an Angel Association New Zealand networking event are (from left) AANZ executive director Suse Reynolds, Otago Angels Ltd network manager Murray Downes, AANZ member Nicolas Erdody, of Oamaru, Seed Co-Investment Fund investment director Chris Twiss and (seated) AANZ chairman Dr Ray Thomson. Photo by Sally Rae, Otago Daily Times.
Media covered the event with articles in the Otago Daily Times on April 2  (“Hopes for North Otago having Angel Investment“) and April 13 (“Angels aim to help start-ups“). We also had good coverage from the Oamaru Mail

Erdödy Consultancy Ltd (ECL) is a long term member of AANZ  and as such actively promote and participate in Association’s activities since its inception.

Nicolas Erdödy as Venture Capital Manager of an Oamaru based firm was full member of NZVCA between 2005 – 2008. During that period he received and vetted 3,000+ proposals from New Zealand and abroad, investing in early stage ventures and creating world class unique technologies 

ECL is currently exploring the feasibility of an angel group in the Waitaki District (including North & Central Otago) and already organised networking functions in Oamaru -as mentioned on April 8 (with AANZ and NZVIF participation), and on June 18, 2013 with a good number of attendees

As consequence of these meetings and subsequent media exposure, ECL was approached by several individuals (being entrepreneurs, ideas people and prospective investors) with a common request: learn more about this “interesting and novel investing model”

We spent several hours with each party discussing the most diverse and innovative ideas and initiatives. So we decided to organise a series of workshops  as a way to funnel the interest and create a space where these initiatives can go a step further

These workshops are essentially an “intervention” from an investor point of view.

They combine

  • Consultancy – specific advice
  • Due diligence – on every participant’s project
  • Peer review – foster collaboration and team work while discovering synergies and similar interests
  • Education – participants will learn specific tools that used for due diligence and to create high-tech, high-growth ventures

In sum, in four hours participants will go with their projects through a professional due diligence.

Check the outline of the different workshops and find which is the right one for you.

Either if you are planning to start or grow a venture or project, or looking for funding or ready for internationalisation, there is a workshop for you.

Check this article at the Otago Daily Times “Start-up seminar sparks interest” about the workshops and their context

 Check the schedule for Oamaru and Dunedin and REGISTER NOW

Angel Association Function in Oamaru, North Otago – April 8, 2013


The Angel Association (AANZ) and Erdödy Consultancy Limited (ECL) invite you to an AANZ networking reunion in Oamaru on Monday 8th of April, in preparation towards AANZ Annual Summit.

This is a free event, funded by AANZ and organised by me as AANZ member. My goal is to share and discuss ideas around this model and how it is good for NZ’s economy.

Details: AANZ Oamaru networking event

Monday 8th April, 2013 – 5:00 pm – 7:45 pm
North Otago Club – Cnr Itchen and Tee Streets, opposite i-Site
Networking event, drinks and canapes.


Event is by invitation only, but feel free to circulate it within your network. There won’t be an investment offer at all, but to fully comply with the Securities Act I would appreciate that every attendee RSVP by April 4, thank you.

Nicolás Erdödy



The Angel Association is an organisation that aims to increase the quantity, quality and success of angel investments in New Zealand and in doing so create a greater pool of capital for innovative start-up companies. Research shows that -on average, one-year-old firms create nearly three times more jobs than ten-year-old firms

Through ECL I’ve been involved with AANZ from its inception. Members are active angel investors, high growth entrepreneurs, or service providers to new ventures; we all have the commitment and conviction that creation of new businesses is essential for New Zealand’s prosperity. 2013 AANZ’s annual conference will be in Dunedin in November and this function is a step towards it
I’m pleased to confirm the presence in Oamaru of

Dr. Ray Thompson, Chairman of AANZ – Ray has been involved in a number of venture capital and angel investments over the past 20 years, has over 30 years’ experience as a director of listed companies and is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. Read here about Ray and angel investment in NZ Herald

Chris Twiss, Investment Director for the Seed Co-investment Fund of the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF). NZVIF was established by the New Zealand government in 2002, to help build a vibrant venture capital market in New Zealand. Chris is from Duntroon

Suse Reynolds, Executive Director of AANZ and founder of Angel HQ, the Wellington region’s angel network.

Murray Downes, Network Manager for Otago Angels Limited


Join us on Monday 8: this initiative is very important for the district and with regional economic development possibilities.

Look forward to see you soon!


New Zealand: the link between Latin America and China

New Zealand is ranked by the World Bank as

  • The best country in the world to Start a Business
  • The best country in the world in Protecting Investors
  • The second best (after Singapore) in Ease of Doing Business

Read the most recently available data from New Zealand here

Recognising the potential of New Zealand on being a link between China and Latin America, Erdödy Consultancy Ltd and I Grow New Zealand signed an agreement between the two companies to drive mutual business between Erdödy Consultancy and I Grow.


I Grow is a New Zealand based corporate finance advisory firm that specialises in the following areas:

  • Capital Raising for high growth businesses;
  • Identification and negotiation of strategic partnerships and licensing agreements;
  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory services;
  • Market Entry Strategies for the USA and China;
  • Public Private Innovation Strategies and Reviews.


I Grow and Erdödy Consultancy have worked together on various projects since 2005 and have started to recognise the potential value of integrating Erdödy Consultancy’s Latin American networks with I Grow’s Chinese networks.

Erdödy Consultancy and I Grow have identified a number of broad opportunities to work together on in relation to a China / Latin American alliance, specifically identifying:

  • Latin American companies that are interested in developing business relationships in China, covering trade or investment in China.
  • Businesses in South America that are looking for expansion capital or which are being sold that could be of interest to Chinese Investors.
  • Identifying Chinese based businesses looking to expand its trade or investment activities into Latin America.

Based on the work I Grow has done to date in China since 2008 we see specific opportunities in the following areas:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Forestry and Wood products
  • Mining Resources
  • Venture Capital Investors – We are working with a number of groups that are interested in high growth opportunities in the Chinese market, which could be a channel for international firms to establish themselves in that market.

Working Together

I Grow and Erdödy Consultancy will look to identify projects which can leverage the capabilities and networks of the other firm with a view to generating a long term business relationship involving trade and investment activity between China and Latin America.

Value Proposition

I Grow has a dedicated resource based in China that is more flexible and responsive than the larger firms, as well as being more price competitive. In terms of the Latin America / China link we believe that New Zealand offers some unique advantages to leveraging this relationship, including time zones but more importantly New Zealand’s position as the first developed country to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with China, and the position and status that provides for New Zealand Businesses and its partners.

Resources for Entrepreneurs looking for Investment

The world of Venture Capital and Angel Investment is fascinating but painful if you don’t know how it works. Like every industry it has a jargon and like every “human tribe” has its own rules.

Research and previous reading will give you a better preparation: there are several free resources available online. Below is a brief selection of what I recommend to entrepreneurs and from people that I know. However everything comes down to practice: just reading a good cookbook won’t make you a chef.

My advice: look at these resources and take on board what is suitable for you and your venture or idea. Then start to practice in the real world!


It was early 2008 when I first met Bill Reichert in Palo Alto through a common friend. We had a good number of conversations around technology, particularly about multicore software, which continued during his visit to New Zealand in 2009. His firm  Garage Technology Ventures has a number of resources for entrepreneurs which are very simple and easy to read. Don’t miss “Small is beautiful” and the “Top ten lies of Entrepreneurs” (then go to the “Top ten lies of Venture Capitalists“)

Dr. Exit

In July 2007 NZVIF organised a seminar in Christchurch about angel investment presented by Tom McKaskill. It was a small and friendly gathering (I ended in a conversation in Hungarian with Katalin, Tom’s wife). His books are now freely available online. Most of them are written for investors, but won’t hurt you to have a look. And you need to read “Raising Angel & Venture Capital Finance – An entrepreneur’s guide to securing venture finance” and Ultimate Growth Strategies – A practical guide to engineer high growth into your business”


The website of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is a real mine of general information. It has been improving its presentation and organisation over the years. The “Investment Ready” guide is now presented on the website (the first edition was a small booklet in 2004) and its topics are very easy to follow through compelling headlines. You can download the full guide or work with the “Investment Ready Planning Templates“.


In February 2010 I had a long conversation with Hermann Hauser about the present and future of parallel programming. It was the first time that we met personally but we have been exchanging emails for a year after being introduced by Andy Hopper.

I was impressed for his calm and structured approach to the conversation. When you visit the website of his firm, Amadeus Capital everything follows a sequence: first you learn how to submit a proposal. Then it is an investment criteria to be met. But what is really interesting is the submission form because this is “real”. It’s not a template or recommendations about how to pitch: it is the form that will introduce you to a 473 million pounds venture capital fund .

This is a completely different approach to a Silicon Valley fund. Tom Perkins (founder of KPCB) said that they don’t read business plans submitted to their office because if an entrepreneur cannot find a way to get an introduction to one of the partners through networking, then he will be hopeless trying to generate sales for the new venture…

Good luck and have fun!

Nicolás Erdödy