More than 25 years of Linux

This recent interview with Linus Torvalds is not just an “historic balance” of 25 years of the Linux kernel but comes with a lot of worthy advice to project managers, entrepreneurs and technologists. You just need to read  with attention and interest…

For example:

“…The fact that I didn’t really know where it would end up meant that I was perhaps more open to outside suggestions and influence than I would have been if I had a very good idea of what I wanted to accomplish. That openness to outside influences I think made it much easier, and much more interesting, for others to join the project. People didn’t have to sign on to somebody else’s vision, but could join with their own vision of where things should go. I think that helped motivate lots of people.”

Global Corporate Entrepreneurship from Erdödy Consultancy

This new service pools together our experience in working with clients seeking to create a new venture, open new markets and foster innovation. Additionally we ensure that through coaching and training, leaders and staff who are normally excellent at managing incremental growth in known environments but who may struggle to adjust to an entrepreneurial high growth mentality, are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to flourish in this new environment.

Could something like this happened in your company? (credit)

Then you probably would need a unique mix of expertise in

– leadership, implementation and strategic execution
– start ups and new venture creation
– networking, relationship building and development
– close relationships with industry and academia
– innovation, change management, R&D
– distributed management and global process optimisation
– education, e-learning, training and human development
– open source development and open innovation
– science, technology and engineering
– venture capital, angel investment and due diligence
– international growth and market development
– technology and software development and management
– marketing, branding and knowledge management

But above all, you need to be able to discuss a quick and versatile approach at peer level, with total involvement.

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Corporate Entrepreneurship: When do you need help?


Corporate entrepreneurship (CE) strategies are widely recommended for established firms to solve growth- and economic performance-related problems that they encounter in highly competitive business environments. However, relatively little empirical light has been shed on practical CE strategy processes and how they function in the everyday lives of organizations. Firms in need of improve their economic circumstances and access new markets can renew its strategy by exploring new avenues without the risk of actually starting new projects internally. At Erdödy Consultancy we work with corporations and businesses to build a case about what the firm actually can do to compensate for decreasing turnover and to improve its longer-term position in the market. Our strategies underscore the progressive, proactive, and impermanent nature of CE strategies; further, they provide firms with a fresh approach to innovation and technology, pointing to new clients and other external partners with equally ambitious business objectives in order to successfully implement their CE strategies. We apply a unique methodology comparable to the due diligence process of technology venture capitalists aligned with the breakthrough management process used in high growth start-ups in a global scenario.

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Corporate Entrepreneurship and the GFC

The Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship in the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is getting clear by the day: When existent structures and management practices cannot deal with the economic turmoil and markets that claim a new order, then you need to innovate and find a new path to wealth. However, it’s not trivial to start entrepreneurial initiatives within established organizations that spur economic growth. In recent years, the world economic crisis has destroyed a vast number of companies and millions of jobs. Business enterprises, governments, and public institutions around the globe have been forced to undertake major restructuring and transformation efforts. In this context, the subject of corporate entrepreneurship, as a mechanism to innovate and to create new firms, has gained increasing attention among scholars, business practitioners and policy makers. Little is known in the corporate world about the entrepreneurial activity across different regions, and on the determinants/performance/impact of corporate entrepreneurship within this turbulent environment. Erdödy Consultancy join forces with corporations and businesses to look into issues such as the opportunity to explore and exploit mechanisms of entrepreneurial initiatives within the organisation; the implementation and performance of entrepreneurial strategies; the financing and corporate governance of spin-off, joint ventures, etc. Our firm works with our clients creating new ventures, opening new markets and fostering innovation while training and coaching leaders and staff who are excellent managing incremental growth in known environments but struggle to adjust to an entrepreneurial and start up high growth mentality.

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About Corporate Entrepreneurship

Most established organisations find it hard to maintain the initial entrepreneurial spirit that helped them to make it through the start-up stage. As businesses grow, they usually become more structured and more rigid. Schaper and Volery (2004) mention that “managers from many organisations … have reported that although they are satisfied with their operating prowess, they are dissatisfied with their ability to implement change. ‘How do the excellent innovators do it?’ they ask, presuming that excellent innovators exist. ‘What drives the development of new promising opportunities?’. Others question how to expand an organisation beyond its core business. And most fundamental of all: ‘How do we find new ideas?’ The difficulties behind these questions arise from the inherent conflict between the need for organisations to control existing operations and the need to create the kind of environment that will permit new ideas to flourish, and old ones to die a timely death. Businesses have traditionally faced many difficulties in identifying opportunities and turn them into new product lines.”

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