Business and Technology Advisors

After the crisis, the new decade presents opportunities for everyone, but requires a different approach for a business that aims to grow by taking these opportunities.

Are you positioned to take advantage of this new scenario?

New Zealand is a nation of small and medium-sized enterprises. More than 95% of our businesses have 20 or fewer full-time staff and many of these are led by an owner-operator. A major part of their focus is on day-to-day operations, making sales and ensuring adequate cash-flow.

When and with whom do you discuss and plan the future of your business?

How do you manage the time to implement those changes?

Erdödy Consultancy Ltd works with you to design and implement appropriate actions for the sustainable growth of your business.

Since 2007, Erdödy has been delivering value to organisations all over New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North and South America. With its international network of associates, the firm offers complete solutions from one-off consulting events to the design, implementation and further management of complex projects. Our team covers different disciplines, industries and regions and works equally with the local entrepreneur as with a global corporation.

Visit our new site www.erdody.co.nz for complete information

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