Corporate Entrepreneurship: When do you need help?


Corporate entrepreneurship (CE) strategies are widely recommended for established firms to solve growth- and economic performance-related problems that they encounter in highly competitive business environments. However, relatively little empirical light has been shed on practical CE strategy processes and how they function in the everyday lives of organizations. Firms in need of improve their economic circumstances and access new markets can renew its strategy by exploring new avenues without the risk of actually starting new projects internally. At Erdödy Consultancy we work with corporations and businesses to build a case about what the firm actually can do to compensate for decreasing turnover and to improve its longer-term position in the market. Our strategies underscore the progressive, proactive, and impermanent nature of CE strategies; further, they provide firms with a fresh approach to innovation and technology, pointing to new clients and other external partners with equally ambitious business objectives in order to successfully implement their CE strategies. We apply a unique methodology comparable to the due diligence process of technology venture capitalists aligned with the breakthrough management process used in high growth start-ups in a global scenario.

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