Corporate Entrepreneurship and the GFC

The Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship in the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is getting clear by the day: When existent structures and management practices cannot deal with the economic turmoil and markets that claim a new order, then you need to innovate and find a new path to wealth. However, it’s not trivial to start entrepreneurial initiatives within established organizations that spur economic growth. In recent years, the world economic crisis has destroyed a vast number of companies and millions of jobs. Business enterprises, governments, and public institutions around the globe have been forced to undertake major restructuring and transformation efforts. In this context, the subject of corporate entrepreneurship, as a mechanism to innovate and to create new firms, has gained increasing attention among scholars, business practitioners and policy makers. Little is known in the corporate world about the entrepreneurial activity across different regions, and on the determinants/performance/impact of corporate entrepreneurship within this turbulent environment. Erdödy Consultancy join forces with corporations and businesses to look into issues such as the opportunity to explore and exploit mechanisms of entrepreneurial initiatives within the organisation; the implementation and performance of entrepreneurial strategies; the financing and corporate governance of spin-off, joint ventures, etc. Our firm works with our clients creating new ventures, opening new markets and fostering innovation while training and coaching leaders and staff who are excellent managing incremental growth in known environments but struggle to adjust to an entrepreneurial and start up high growth mentality.

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